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S. No. Volume-3 ,January 2023 ( ISSN 2583-1518 (Online) )
Published By : Dept of Chemistry,Faculty of Engg,Teerthanker Mahaveer University.
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1 AuthorsGandharve Kumar* 1-5
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Paper Title Sunlight-induced photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B dye by Bi2MoO6 microspheres
2 AuthorsS. Ramalingam1, Shruti Satbhaiya, Nilesh Khonde, Madhukar S. Said, Pradeep Kumar 6-15
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Paper Title Yttria-zirconia based Lewis acid catalysed acylation of activated aromatic compounds.
3 AuthorsV K Singh, Ankit Kumar Sharmaa,Avinash kumar Mishra, Atul kumar Tiwari,Gaurav Mishra, Anoop Kumar Pandeya 16-23
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Paper Title A quantum chemical study of 2-(Imidazol-1-yl)-4-Methylphenol
4 AuthorsAsim Ahmad 24-27
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Paper Title Determination of hardness in ground water samples of Moradabad by titrimetric method
5 AuthorsA.K. Singh 28-33
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Paper Title Kinetics and Binary-Solvent Effect on Acid Catalysed Hydrolysis of Butyl Formate
6 AuthorsSunil Kumar Singh 34-39
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Paper Title Reciprocating Wear Characteristics of Surface Modified Ti64 Alloy under Variable Load
7 AuthorsK. Chauhan, M. Parashar, P. Kumar,D. Banerjee 40-57
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Paper Title Nature and Nanotechnology: Use of Contact Angle for the Calculation of Surface Energy