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S. No. Volume-2 ,January 2022 ( ISSN 2583-1518 (Online) )
Published By : Dept of Chemistry,Faculty of Engg,Teerthanker Mahaveer University.
Page No.
1 AuthorsA. Ved 1-12
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Paper Title Nanostructured Graphitic Carbon Nitride: A Novel Material for Water Purification.
2 AuthorsK K Sharma, Rupakshi Tyagi, Shikha, Shubham Singh Tyagi, Sebu, Yash Goel, Arinjay Jain, Gajendra Kumar, Juhi Singh 13-21
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Paper Title Prescription trend of third generation Cephalosporins.
3 AuthorsAtri Deo Tripathi 22-25
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Paper Title Dielectric Behaviour of 2-Butanone with Dichloromethane, 1, 2-Dichloroethane and Tetrachloroethene.
4 AuthorsR.D.Tripathi 26-29
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Paper Title Assessment of Drinking-water Quality in and around Moradabad.
5 AuthorsSouvik Sur and Varun Kumar Singh. 30-35
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Paper Title Excess molar enthalpies of dichloromethane +cyclopentanone or + n-dibutyl ether or + Acetone or + dimethyl sulfoxide at the temperature 303.15 K.
6 AuthorsGopal Pathak 36-40
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Paper Title Excess Molar Volumes for acetylene tetrachloride + 1, 4-dioxane or methyl ethyl ketone or pyridine at 308.15 K
7 AuthorsAsim Ahmad 41-46
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Paper Title Adverse Impacts of Synthetic Fertilizers on the Fertility of the Soil due to Various Changes in Soil Composition
8 AuthorsSouvik Sur 47-50
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Paper Title Excess molar enthalpies for acetylene tetrachloride with cyclohexanone, pyrralidin 2-one and methyl ethyl ketone at 308.15 K.
9 AuthorsAnil Kumar Singh 51-56
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Paper Title Initial and transition state solvent effect on Reaction Rate for Solvolysis of Ethyl Caprylate Ester in Binary Solvent System.
10 AuthorsPradeep Kumar 57-60
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Paper Title Dielectric Constants for Methoxybenzene (C6H5OCH3)+ Dichloromethane (CH2Cl2), Ethylene dichloride (EDC), Trichloroethene (CHClCCl2), Tetrachloroethylene (CCl2CCl2) at 303.15 K